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Today I set out to go to the store to purchase some new bottles for Delainie. We noticed the ones we have were just getting well-worn in and it seemed time to get some new ones.

Off I went.

While I was there, I swung through the Halloween costume section. Such cute costumes but not something I wanted to spend the money on. I shrugged and continued on through the store.

Somehow, I ended up in the craft section looking at a big display of Halloween costume sewing patterns. Immediately, I thought, “oooh, I will get this nifty pattern and make my own costume for Delainie”.

Wait a minute! I don’t have a sewing machine, AND, more importantly, I cannot follow a pattern for sewing to save my life. I tried, once when I was about 12 or 13. My brother bought me a sewing machine because I loved sewing, in home economics class, and I figured I’d get good enough to make my own clothes. Such a lofty goal!

I never made my own clothes. I did make cat toys filled with rice, I hemmed things and made a few decorations, but that was about it. I remember putting the pattern for sewing a tunic shirt out on our big dining room table. I read the instructions, I read an ancient book on how to sew, probably my grandmother’s, and nothing helped me figure out what to do with that pattern. Finally, I threw in the towel.

That about sums up my sewing history and uh, “skill”. Thankfully, these memories popped into my head while I was wistfully staring at the pretty costume on the front of the pattern box. So, I put the pattern back and wandered around some more.

I still had this nagging urge to make my kid a costume, even though I can’t sew. I decided to make my own version of the pretty costume I saw; and, I planned to do it without needle and thread. I grabbed some purple tulle, a couple of those fun stretchy headbands, some iron on adhesive (this was my way around sewing) and some ribbon.

I was so excited about the idea in my head that I totally forgot why I was at the store to begin with, oh right, bottles, for the kid!

After I got the bottles, I pranced to the checkout with a plan and a purpose! I was gonna be “That Mom”, ya know (maybe you ARE that Mom yourself), the one that makes her kid a Halloween costume? I was so excited.

When I got home, I got right to work!

I have included a few pics, just in case you want to give it a try. I am a novice, so there are not many pictures or instructions!

First I cut the tulle. Then I used my seam ripper, which is a sewing tool that I actually know how to use, and cut the thread that tied the headband together.
Then I started threading the tulle like crazy. I just used the little open spaces in the “headband” as my access point for securing the tulle strips.

Next, I took some pretty ribbon and threaded it along the top row of the “headband”. I was able to use the ribbon to tie the dress around Delainie. The ribbon secured around her back and like a halter along the neck line.

This design was created due to my impatience to read and understand how the heck to use the iron on adhesive to iron the decorations to her princess onesie!

Lastly, I took a headband and added some tulle and a pretty flower for the headpiece.

Viola! A Halloween costume that I am proud of and my Daughter loves! Yes!