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So, I’ve recently taken a trip to the library with Delainie. In addition to getting her two books with her favorite character, Skippyjon Jones, I got myself a vegetarian cook book.

It’s true, my repertoire for veggie meals is pretty minimal. I make veggie tacos and veggie pasta. That’s pretty much it.

Making a whole meal around vegetables is not as intuitive to me as other things. In my mind, a meal consists of, meat, vegetable, starch. But, I have recently decided that working within those confines EVERYDAY is getting a little boring.

So, I’m marking some dishes in the cookbook to try, like curried carrot and walnut burgers and pan fried polenta with kale, tomatoes and goat cheese. I am also reading as much about cooking vegetables as I can.

Maybe, I just need to unlock the intuition to make a delish meal of vegetables. Reading and immersing myself in vegetarian cooking should help!

This dish I made for lunch the other day was inspired by the cookbook. I wanted a healthy lunch, full of veggies from the farm stand.

I also decided I needed some protein, so I picked white beans. I had some leftover swiss chard in the fridge and figured I’d throw that in too. Then there were grape tomatoes on the counter from my garden, why not add those too?!? So, I got to work.


1 squash or zucchini
a few slices of sweet onion (this is your preference, just enough to add the flavor you like)
1 cup of cherry tomatoes, sliced in half lengthwise
1 handful of swiss chard, cut and cleaned
1 can of white beans
1-2 tbsps olive oil
1 tbsp butter
salt and pepper
Balsamic vinegar

Slice your veggies. I cut my squash into rings then into quarters, put in a bowl and season well with salt and pepper. Slice your onion. Slice up tomatoes. Rinse and drain your beans. Set aside veggies.

Get out a nice sized skillet. Heat on the stove on medium high and add the olive oil and butter. Turn around in pan to cover it. When the little bubbles appear. Add in squash, make it one layer so it can all cook well.
Now, this is the hard part, patience! Be patient with the squash, you want them to sizzle and get caramelly brown. Check one or two and once you see that pretty color, flip all of them over to cook the same on the other side. After about a minute on the second side, add in your onion, cherry tomatoes, swiss chard and beans.
Continue to cook until chard begins to wilt and beans get a little of that brown crust too! Be watchful not to burn it! You may need to keep things moving in the pan every so often, to keep it from burning.
Drizzle some balsamic vinegar over the veggies in the pan, about a Tablespoon or so. Mix around and cook for about a minute longer. Remove from heat and serve.