I love cole slaw, but I was never very successful at making it myself. Probabably because I used to buy those bags of pre shredded cabbage and followed the directions on the bag. The results were never good. So, I decided to figure it out on my own. I started looking at various and assorted recipes for different types of slaw and I worked out my own rendition. I created my first successful slaw for Delainie’s birthday party.

I used jicima! So fun. It’s crisp and fresh and delish. I also used nappa cabbage, though I have used regular cabbage too. I found a great balance of creaminess and crispiness for the veggies with the dressing. The slaw was a perfect compliment to our pulled pork sammies! Yum!

I am sorry to say that I did not take very many pictures while I was prepping this slaw.


1 small/medium jicima
1 red bell pepper or yellow or orange (or combo of colors with snacking peppers)
1/2 head of cabbage
2 carrots
2 tbsp – 1/2 cup thinly sliced red onion (this is up to your taste preference)
2 tbsps vinegar
2 tbsp sugar
1/8 tsp pepper
1/4 tsp salt
1/8 tsp celery seeds
3/4 cups of mayo

Okay, take your time with this part, julliene ALL the vegetables. Place julienned veggies in a big bowl. In a small bowl, combine vinegar, sugar, salt, pepper, celery seeds, mayo and wisk well. Add mayo mixture to veggies and toss well. Refridgerate for about 4 hours before serving, this just helps give time for the flavors to meld.

This slaw is great alone or on top of a hotdog, pulled pork sammie, BBQ anything…


The picture above is from Delainie’s birthday, where I used the nappa cabbage.


The picture above is the slaw I made last night, with some local cabbage, I enjoyed it on a hot dog!